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Published on September 30th, 2011 | by Spencer

NYC Bocce is Alive and Well

Last week, my girlfriend and I visited one of our favorite places, New York City. Sure, I was mentally prepared for all the usual NYC sights. Towering sky scrapers, people packed subways and authentic NYC style pizza on every other block. But this time around, I delightfully stumbled across something I wasn’t expecting: bocce. And it was awesome.

After arriving in the city, a friend tipped us off about the week long San Gennaro Feast already in progress, a Italian festival held anually in the heart of Little Italy. As we made our way down there, we were greeted by blocks upon blocks of everything Italian, including food tents, vendors and amusements.

San Gennaro Festival

We walked the length of the festival, treating our senses to the splendors of touristy Italian culture. But as we approached the end of the block, the masses of people dwindled to just a few, and I saw something that I couldn’t help but take a doubletake. It was bocce!

San Gennaro Festival

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Italian sausage sub as much as the next guy, but to find bocce (a game that takes up a lot of space) in the middle of a sprawling metropolis (that has little free space) was both unexpected, and awesome. And not just one, but 2 courts! And yeah, that’s a balled up piece of aluminum we’re using as a pallino :-)

San Gennaro Festival

We played a couple quick games, and were on our way. A yard game pitstop in a place least expected.

In other NYC bocce news, Robert from the Lost City blog captured this great night photo. The scene shows a crowd gathering around a section of Caroll Park in Brooklyn, NY, with strong Italian ties. It’s good to see people of all ages joining in to watch as the action takes place right on center court.

Carroll Gardens Brooklyn Bocce

New York, I’ve always liked you. But now I like you for your Bocce.

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