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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by Spencer

Backyard Croquet, The Unconventional Way

Croquet is a game that I’ve long known about, but never quite took an interest in. It was often played at picnics and family gatherings, but recent engagements with this noble sport revealed that it is not just a game for your grandparents; it is a game for the masses.

Croquet’s brilliance is found in its flexibility. One creates their own courses, requiring careful navigation with a wooden mallet and ball. The ability to create unique courses gives players distinctive cro-tastic experiences. Treacherous pathways can be sculpted out of the countryside to appease those wild and adventurous at heart. For more leisurely game play, gentle courses are readily available. The malleability of this game allows for endless opportunities to explore the edges of one’s physical capacities while catering to the needs of the fragile.

How we play croquet:

First, we decide how adventuresome our group is feeling on the given day. We then mutually agree on a starting point. Each member of the cro-posse (slang for your croquet crew) takes turns placing the wickets (metal U-shaped gates) until the group embeds the wooden finishing pole. Equal opportunity for wicket placement amongst the cro-posse provides a good balance in the course difficulty. Any player not willing to risk a sprained ankle trying to navigate hellish wicket placements can temper the results. This functions similarly to American governmental checks and balances.

Backyard Croquet The Unconventional Way 2

The game is quite simple, but also very enjoyable. The ideal way to play croquet is on a beautiful day with your comrades.

For maximum enjoyment:

  • Challenge all cro-posse members to play entirely with a British accent.
  • Use abnormalities in the terrain to place wickets. This could include obstacles such as tree roots, large rocks, fallen children, etc.
  • Appearance is essential for success. Cardigans and checkered scarves are a must.
  • If the flow of the game reaches treacherous terrain, neglecting to wear cleats may be a regrettable choice.

What are you waiting for? Gather your cro-posse, and have a jolly good time!

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