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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by Spencer

How To Win At Washers

If you play washers frequently, or even just occasionally, you’ll start to notice that some players tend to win more often than others and just seem better.  Perhaps they are obsessive or have been playing for years and years.  In any case, if you want to improve your game and get on their level, follow these steps and you should see some dramatic improvements in your game.

Holding the Washer

If your throws result in washers bouncing and sliding around the box, the first area you should work on is how you hold the washer.  The goal should be to hold the washer so that your tosses land downward at a roughly 45 degree angle.  On most surfaces, this will cause your washer to dig into the ground and stop without much movement if thrown properly.

I accomplish this by making a circle with my thumb and middle finger, rotating my hand so that the circle is parallel with the ground and resting the washer on to of the circle.  I hold the washer in place with light pressure from my pointer finger.

If this form doesn’t suit you, experiment with different techniques that help you better control your washer.  You’ll be ahead of the game in no time!

Throwing the Washer

Now that you’ve perfected your grip, it’s time to work on throwing the washer.  If you’ve ever watched a professional golf or bowling on tv, you know that the best players are often the most consistent with their form.  When it comes to washer tossing, the easiest way to be consistent is to have a quick, short release.  If you have a long, drawn out routine like Dwight Howard at the free throw line, you are just making it more difficult for yourself.

The most successful washers players I know hold their arm straight out, aimed at their target, and quickly lower and then accelerate into their throw.  Try to mimic this routine and vary your arm speed to get the right distance on your throws.

I would also recommend not stepping into your throws, as a common house rule is that your feet must stay planted when throwing.

Consistency & Confidence

Now that you are throwing with more control and consistency, you should start winning more often and developing more confidence in your game.  Use this to your advantage to compete with and even beat the best players you know.  Now you are playing winning washers!

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