News Horseshoe Chucking Robots Invade Tulsa

Published on November 22nd, 2011 | by Spencer

Horseshoe Chucking Robots Invade Tulsa

Horseshoes has never been a very “scientific” game. It’s mostly associated with family cookouts (watch out for the kids!) or a day in the park. However, a group of mechanical engineering students at the University of Tulsa has decided to bring their technical skills to the horseshoe world. They’ve designed contraptions to fling a horseshoe a full 20 feet. The only conditions: The machine must weigh less than 20 pounds, and students had to spend less than 50 dollars on materials. Leave it to engineers to do more with less. Hmm, what would MacGyver do?

Horseshoe Chucking Robots Invade Tulsa

This competition sounds like a less dangerous version of the old show “Junkyard Wars,” where competitors had to finagle working pieces of machinery out of scrap. Each machine had five throws that were scored for time and accuracy.  The press release doesn’t mention who won the game, or even if any of the devices were very good players. I think I wouldn’t like to be on the bad side of a malfunctioning or ill-conceived horseshoe chucker. If a competition like this comes to my alma mater, you know I’ll be watching—from a safe distance.

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