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Published on November 5th, 2011 | by Spencer

Russian Political Leaders Duke It Out… In Badminton

The former and current Russian prime ministers just may have discovered a healthier way to settle geopolitical disputes: Badminton. In a video released by the Kremlin, Dimitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin face off in a casual game in an empty gym. Medvedev explains that Badminton is a game of quick decisions and reflexes, a fitting game for world leaders. I’ll add that, for amateurs anyway, badminton is relaxing and low impact. Here’s the clip in full:

Putin looks imposing in all black. Knowing he came up in the ranks of the KGB, I would probably think about letting him win. Medvedev, on the other hand, seems like a friendly dude you wouldn’t mind having as a neighbor. He looks utterly professional in a blue sports uniform. You can tell that he definitely enjoys his Badminton. I’ll even buy in to Medvedev’s theory about badminton skills equating with leadership skills. I’ve watched professionals play the game, and their hand-eye coordination is something to behold. It’s essentially tennis, with less power but the finesse turned all the way to 11.

So here’s a suggestion: Replace the United Nations with a badminton court. Turn NATO into a round-robin tournament of champions. Got a border dispute with the Republic of Georgia? Take it to the badminton court. Play for keeps—and don’t be a sore loser. Putin and Medvedev have shown us a kinder, gentler future—a badminton future—now we just have to follow suit.

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