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Published on February 8th, 2014 | by Spencer

Cornhole Boards and Bags

Cornhole Board Specifications

A standard cornhole board is 47.5 inches long and 23.5 inches wide, although many boards are an even four feet by two feet. The back end of the playing surface should be exactly 12 inches off the ground. The hole itself is 6 inches in diameter, with the center point placed 9 inches from the top of the board. A finished board must weigh at least 25 pounds. ACO and ACA certified manufacturers produce boards that meet all required specifications and guarantee a lifetime of play.

Cornhole Boards

The playing surface of the board must be utterly free of warping, blemishes or knots. High grit sandpaper will generally smooth out any problem areas. Professional boards feature a shiny coat of varnish or high gloss paint. However, the board should not be so smooth that bags refuse to stay on the wood. During casual games, players may agree to compensate for an excessively fast surface by moving the boards closer.

Cornhole Bag Specifications

Cornhole bags are constructed from two durable fabric squares, each measuring about six by six inches. Canvas is the preferred material, due to its toughness. Traditional bags are filled with corn or beans. A double-stitched seam joins the fabric together. Cornhole bags should weight about 16 ounces—one pound, in other words.

Cornhole Bags

A game of cornhole requires eight bags, four for each player or team. Colors are not standardized, although red, blue and green seem to be preferred. Bags with team or school logos are also quite popular. When treated properly, well constructed cornhole bags will last indefinitely.

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