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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Spencer

Cornhole Glossary of Terms

A scoring method for cornhole in which all scoring bags from both sides are added to the score, with no cancellation

The one-pound canvas bag of corn of beans used in cornhole

One of the two wooden, rectangular playing surfaces that are the target for the cornhole bags

A scoring method for cornhole in which one player’s or team’s points cancel out the other; in cancellation scoring, only one team or player can score per frame; the other variation is called accumulation scoring

A game played with eight bean bags, two boards and 2 to 4 players; Or, a bag that falls into the hole in the top, middle portion of the board

The playing area for a cornhole match should measure at least 40 feet long and 10 feet wide and be on firm, level ground

Doubles Play
A game in which two teams of two players compete against each other

Foul Bag
A cornhole bag that lands on the ground or bounces off the ground onto the board; a bag that lands on the board but still touches the ground, even a little bit, is still a foul bag and earns zero points; certain player rules violations can also lead to a foul bag, regardless of where it lands

Foul Line
The imaginary line parallel with the front of the cornhole board

The unit of play during a cornhole match during which all eight bags are tossed from one side of the court toward the opposite board

A game of cornhole, played either to a set score, like 21, or for a certain number of frames

Pitcher’s Box
Either of the two 4 x 3 foot imaginary boxes next to the cornhole boards from which player’s toss their bags

Singles Play
A match consisting of two players pitted against each other

A situation where one player or team so outscores another that the game is called

A bag coming to rest on the wooden surface of the board

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