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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Spencer

The History of Cornhole

The exact origins of cornhole are mysterious, composed more of myth and legend than fact. One story describes a cornhole-like game played by the Blackhawk tribe in Illinois that used pig bladders filled with beans. According to another account, medieval Germany was the birthplace of cornhole. Centuries later, immigrants brought the game to rural Ohio. Rural Kentuckians will argue that the game was the invention of early farmers looking for simple recreation with readily available hardware. As is the case with many innovations, it is possible that all the accounts of cornhole’s origins are essentially true, and diverse groups of people all happened to develop a very similar game.

The game’s modern renaissance began in the 1990s on college campuses. Tailgate partygoers wanted something other than barbecue and beer to occupy them on Saturday afternoon, and cornhole fit the bill. Fraternity houses quickly caught on to the trend, particularly at Midwestern schools like Ohio State and Michigan State. Today, the game is played on campuses and backyards from coast to coast. The affordability of the equipment and relaxing pace of play guarantee that cornhole isn’t going anywhere soon.

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