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Published on October 17th, 2011 | by Spencer

Keystone Light Introduces “Canhole”

Beer and cornhole seem to go, well, hand in hand. Nothing beats a lazy afternoon in the backyard with your best buds, some cold beer and a casual game of cornhole. Keystone Light has cashed in on this natural association with their “Canhole” packaging gimmick.

Every 18, 24 and 30-pack of Keystone Light has a punch-out hole in the middle of one side. When empty, the container functions as a rough-and-ready cornhole board. Yes, you heard that right: You can go to the nearest ABC store right now and be playing cornhole in a matter of minutes.* There’s even a cross-promotion with Jack Links beef jerky in which players are encouraged to use bags of jerky in place of traditional bean bags. If you’d rather eat your beef jerky than toss it, Coors & Co. does sell “official” Keystone Light bean bags through their online store. Here’s a clip of “Keith Stone” himself demonstrating the simple awesomeness of “Canhole”:

As far as the “board” goes, Keystone Light boxes have a dense, waxy exterior, making them somewhat tougher than your average case of beer. They’re more resistant to moisture than most cardboard beer containers–a good thing when your brewskies come fresh from a cold beer cave only to ride in the back of your pickup during a hot summer day. Still, don’t expect to get long-term use out of this improvised board. It is cardboard, after all, and will crumple under the pressure sooner or later. Think of the canhole board as one-time use. Next weekend, you may need to replace your hardware.

For blue collar cornhole fans, the Keystone Light Canhole game is a win-win. Budget beer and a no-frills backyard game all wrapped into one–Can you beat that?

* You don’t have to drink all the beer in the case before playing; Transfer the “Stones” to your icebox and get your game on.

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