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Published on October 27th, 2011 | by Spencer

Toss.0: The Future of Cornhole?

We’ve all done it. You’re out back with some friends tossing the old bags and you think, “How far can I really throw it?” or “Can I throw it over my house?” For the casual cornhole player, this is step one of tearing you rotator cuff and stranding a bag on the roof. The guys of Toss.0, however, have the skills to appease the cornhole gods. They take insane, creative shotmaking to the next level. I wonder how many hours of taping really went into this ten minute video.

My personal favorites are the ones that make the surroundings part of the shot, like the sliding shot across the picnic tables or the thru-the-concrete-pipe toss. I also have to give a thumbs-up to the flaming bags and the girl with the broom.

What really got my attention was the world record shot. Naturally, the harder you try and chuck a beanbag, the less control you have. A shot of 109 feet is pretty hard to wrap your head around, but you probably want to try it, don’t you?  As of now, the Josh record stands at about 40 feet, so they’ve totally blown me out of the water. I’d better get training.

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