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Published on November 27th, 2011 | by Spencer

Indoor Cornhole, Coming To An Office Near You


I was hanging out at a friend’s office last week, and naturally I encountered many of the office-y things you’d expect to see. Desks, computers, and heavily caffinated coders cooking up the next big Facebook killer. But I was especially stoked to stumble across the one thing I least expected: cornhole!

Sure, I knew John worked at one of these high tech silicon valley type office buildings that spoils its patrons with free coffee, video games and ping pong. But cornhole? Surely you jest. Tis’ only an outdoor sport! Nay I say. Nay.

Alright, so maybe it isn’t the full sized cornhole experience you’re used to. But for an indoor cornhole set, these boards are perfect for that much needed mid-day distraction. And if I worked alongside John, I might just find myself all-too-often distracted right out of my job.

Why all offices don’t offer cornhole as an on-site perk is beyond me. Besides, haven’t we already made the case that cornhole is a superb team-building game? Office managers, don’t overthink this one. It might just cost you the most productive employees your company has ever seen. Make it happen, Cap’n.

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