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Published on December 5th, 2011 | by Spencer

Cheesiest, Most Portable Cornhole Set, Yet

Some people really love cornhole. Others really love cheese-flavored crackers. After finishing some snacks, or, heck, if you’re a real enthusiast, after devouring a box so as to make this contraption, just 15-25 minutes of assembly can guarantee cornhole fun on-the-go!

Last week we gave praise to cornhole’s smaller-sized younger brother, the indoor cornhole set, but this week we found a way of making cornhole even SMALLER and MORE PORTABLE. But first, you’ll need a snack cracker sized box. Other tools include household items like scissors, pencil, ruler, hot glue gun, compass, extra cardboard scraps and tape. Beanbags can be any small circular type item, though the directions used pellets.

Steps for construction seem pretty simple, but first involve measuring and cutting the top board with holes. The sides are then cut and glued onto the top board. Legs and handles are also cut out, and then all of the pieces are assembled. Wah-la, foldable, pocket-sized fun!

Cheez-It Mini Cornhole Set

Okay, I definitely dumbed down my take on the directions, though Instructables offers a step-by-step guide complete with pictures. Pictures are particularly important to me… I’m what they call a “visual learner.” While I think this would take me longer than predicted to make, including cracker eating time, those more adept in constructing things will probably be better off.

I think this is an interesting idea for those who really enjoy the game… or who have a lot of time on their hands…

Honestly, though, I could see its value if you are in a pinch with little to do. For instance, whenever I’m out, say waiting for a doctor’s appointment or an oil change to be complete, I notice people constantly on their cell phones. Maybe this is something different, a different way to entertain ourselves.

Cheez-It Mini Cornhole Set

Also, I grew up where hurricanes were a consistent part of our summers – with no power, we were desperate for games. We could have used something like this!

If you have an empty cracker box and some extra time, give this unique cornhole game a try!

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